Birds Pictures, Types, Facts And Names

The universe of flying animals is so vast and varied with thousands of beautiful birds names and pictures. There are around 10,000 bird species living in the world today, with ostrich being the largest of them. The largest birdalso lays the largest eggs. Like an ostrich, kiwi is also a legless bird. Two of its species were earlier ranked as “endangered” but their rating has been improved to “vulnerable” by the IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature) following an increase in the size of the population.

Here at “Live Animals List” platform, you can explore the world of birds along with stunning facts about each. The vivid, HD quality birds pictures with names will make the study even more interesting. Can you tell the birds names that don’t fly? read more

What is Honking? Why Do Peacocks Honk?

22 April, 2019

One of the most fascinating gifts of nature, peacocks adorn the face of earth with the miraculous beauty of their body. They have been kept in captivity and admired for their matchless array of beautiful colours for thousands of years. A peacock can be defined as a large colourful pheasant, typically coloured green or blue, that ... Read More ->

Birds of Prey List

11 Dec, 2015

A bird of prey is also known as a raptor or a hunter. It belongs to the group of birds which are carnivores and feed on other animals. Their list of victims includes all types of organisms, such as reptiles, mammals, rodents, amphibians and insects. These birds possess special features which make them capable hunters. These include ... Read More ->

Information About Flamingos

01 Oct, 2015

Flamingos are large birds classified into six different species. They belong to the family Phoenicopteridae. Their characteristic physical traits include long necks, pink feathers and stick like legs. In addition, flamingos are also seen standing on one leg – another one of their identifying marks. Many more such interesting facts are... Read More ->

Victoria Crowned Pigeon

02 Sep, 2015

With its name commemorating the British Monarch Queen Victoria, the Victoria Crowned Pigeon is a species of a genus of three unique and large ground dwelling pigeons. It is an elegant and a fairly large bird. The bird can be easily recognized by its beautiful crest which refers to the “crowned” in its name. It makes a whooping sound for... Read More ->

Hoopoe Bird

20 Aug, 2015

Famous for its distinctive crown of feathers, Hoopoe bird is found in Afro-Euro Asia. The Latin name for this colorful bird is Upupa while the English name is an onomatopoeic form, which basically imitates the cry or sound which the bird makes. In the family Upupidae, it is the only extant species. The Madagascar subspecies are sometimes... Read More ->

Roseate Spoonbill Facts

31 Jul, 2015

The beautiful Roseate Spoonbill is often put in its own genus Ajaja. This wading bird is very social and belongs to the ibis and the spoonbill family, Threskiornithidae. Their phylum is Chordata and class is Aves. Roseate Spoonbill gets its name from its physical appearance. The pink color of its plumage attributes to the “rose” in... Read More ->

Quail Facts

03 Jun, 2015

The term quail is used for a group of medium sized birds which belong to the order Galliformes and are classified into several different genera. Discover informative facts about different types of quail as discussed below. The old world quails are birds of the order Galliformes which are members of the Phasianidae family. This group... Read More ->

Types of Pigeon

02 May, 2015

Pigeons belong to the family of birds known as Columbidae. There are a number of varieties in the wild while several breeds are also kept as pets. Most domestic Columbidae types of pigeon differ merely in color. Discussed below are the varieties which possess some distinct features on the basis of which they can be easily distinguished... Read More ->

Pigeon Facts

20 Apr, 2015

Pigeons are birds that possess a firm body, short head and legs with grey feathers. Belonging to the bird’s clad Columbidae, these birds usually eat seeds and fruits. They are found almost all over the world but the most diverse variety of pigeons is known to be in the Indo-Malaya and Australasia eco zones. Pigeon takes its name from a French... Read More ->

Avocets Facts And Pictures

01 June, 2019

Avocet bird enjoys distinction over other birds due to its elegance and striking coloration. It has a black and white stripped pattern that runs over its wings and back. It is an important piece of avocet... Read More ->

Bank Swallow Facts And Pictures

09 , Feb 2013

The Bank Swallow is a small, slender song bird. In its typical adult appearance, the bird is white on the underneath and brown on top of its feather coat, with a dark band running across and extending all the way down to the middle of its chest. It has a small bill... Read More ->

Bare Necked Fruitcrow Facts And Pictures

09 , Feb 2013

Bare necked fruitcrow belongs to birds? species that are heavily found in thick rain forests and along riversides in Amazon Basin, Brazil, Colombia, Guiana, Peru, Bolivia and Venezuela. Coming to the color of the only species of the ... Read More ->

Barn Owl Facts And Pictures

11 , Feb 2013

It is one of the most widely distributed birds that are easily identifiable due to their heart shaped face as you can see in barn owl pictures. It is a fascinating species of birds, which possess predatory tendencies, nocturnal habitat... Read More ->

Black Vulture Facts And Pictures

20 , Feb 2013

Black vulture bird, often known as American vulture, is one of the most abundant and important preying bird inhabiting this planet. The vulture might catch your sight, feeding on road kills and other dead and rotten materials. Its preying characteristic makes... Read More ->

Blue And Yellow Macaw Facts And Pictures

11 , Feb 2013

Blue and Yellow Macaw is a kind of parrot that has brightly colored yellow and blue feathers. They are also known as blue and gold macaw. Since the wings are so beautiful and attractive, these birds are better known as Ara ararauna, which is... Read More ->

Blue Chinned Sapphire Facts And Pictures

12 , Feb 2013

This is a kind of humming bird. It is really small in size, only 8.9 cm as it can be seen in blue chinned sapphire pictures. And also, this little bird weighs only 3.8 g. It reproduces by laying eggs in a nest that is shaped rather deep for such a... Read More ->

Brown Parakeet Facts And Pictures

01 June, 2019

Birds appear in nature in all kinds of charming colors, forms and sizes, and are loved, adored and kept as pet birds by mankind for their diversity and beauty. Especially, when it comes to the variety in green conures (what you usually call parrots), the list... Read More ->

Crow Bird Facts And Pictures

21 , Jan 2014

Crow bird is a member of the Corvidae family. Its genus Corvus is widely spread across the world with more than forty identified species. Researchers link the evolution of these birds to the corvid stock in Asia which originated in Australia. All the species have the same appearance... Read More ->

Cuckoo Bird Facts And Pictures

18 , Aug 2013

Scientifically known as cuculus canorus, the cuckoo bird is so called due to its characteristic calling sound. The bird has been playing the special role of announcing the time every hour by appearing out of its wooden house in a cuckoo... Read More ->

Dove Bird Facts And Pictures

31 , Oct 2013

The birds that are considered as the symbol of love, peace and harmony are one of my favorites. That’s why whenever people see any couple, they call them love birds, and by birds they mean dove birds. Also in Christianity the dove birds have a kind of Holy... Read More ->

Eagle Facts And Pictures

12 , Feb 2013

Eagle an outclass bird when it comes to having excellent eye sight and catching preys without any error. There are more than sixty species of eagles out of which two are very common such as bald eagles and golden eagles. These birds are heavily found in ... Read More ->

Falcon Facts And Pictures

26 , Feb 2013

Falcons are best known for their aggression and exceptional flying capabilities. Falcon bird is one of the fastest flying species on this planet. Talking about flying, they are lightning fast. They possess tempered wings that allow them to change their direction... Read More ->

Golden Pheasant Facts And Pictures

12 , Feb 2013

The colorful bird, called as golden pheasant exhibits an absolute balance of colors, beauty and nature. These birds are widely spread in China, Europe, United States and their surroundings. With golden hairs, red colored body and brown tail; they look simply... Read More ->

Green Tailed Throat Facts And Pictures

13 , Feb 2013

The little green tailed throat bird possesses green colored feathers all over its body. The feathers are not completely green but contain patches of green color throughout the body which can be verified by having a look at the green tailed... Read More ->

Hawks Facts And Pictures

14 , Feb 2014

Hawks are from the family of eagles, secretary birds, kites and the Old World vultures. They are classified as raptors, that is, birds which prey on other smaller birds and animals. There are various species differing in size, habitat and certain other ... Read More ->

Hens Facts And Pictures

06 , Dec 2013

Hen or chicken whatever we say this creature is liked by every human. People of all ages, kinds and religions simply love to have chicken made dishes. These are from the species of red jungle fowl. These creatures are heavily found... Read More ->

Hummingbirds Facts And Pictures

27 , Jan 2014

The smallest, most colorful and eye-catching type of birds is known as hummingbirds. They consist of several species which fall under the common family of Trochilidae. They are famous for being able to suspend in midair by flapping their ... Read More ->

Kiwis Facts And Pictures

13 , Feb 2013

Kiwi, the smallest member of the flightless bird clan is endemic to New Zealand. Being the smallest member of the ratite family, it is about the size of the chicken. The absence of tail makes them unique as you can see in kiwi... Read More ->

Masked Duck Facts And Pictures

13 , Feb 2013

Nature has created a variety of animals and birds that simply astonish the mind and feast the eyes with their natural beauty. One such beautiful creature and a divine blessing is the masked duck bird characterized by a covering of black features... Read More ->

Nightingale Facts And Pictures

13 , Feb 2013

Nightingale bird, the night songstress, is globally adored for its melodious and magical voice. As you can see in the nightingale pictures, it looks awfully cute and is often regarded as a romantic bird. For its beautiful voice, creativity and spontaneous... Read More ->

Ostrich Facts And Pictures

13 , Feb 2013

Ostrich is the largest flightless bird found in the world. It is the tallest and heaviest bird among all the species of birds. On average, an Ostrich stands up to 9 feet and weighs as much as 300 pounds. The scientific name of Ostrich bird... Read More ->

Parrot Facts And Pictures

13 , Feb 2013

Who is not familiar with these loving birds? Parrot birds can prove the friendliest pets ever and attract everyone with their sweet voice. The way they try to imitate humans and communicate in their voice... Read More ->

Peacock Facts And Pictures

23 , Feb 2013

This enchanting, multi-colored bird is one of the most beautiful birds found on the planet earth. When people think about these birds, the first thing that clicks their mind is their fabulous outlook. Undoubtedly, these birds have rainbow like hues that makes it one of the most... Read More ->

Penguin Facts And Pictures

23 , Feb 2013

Penguins are one of the 40 species of flightless birds including kiwis, Rhea and Cassowary. They are moderate in size and are considered the cutest of all the birds. It is one of the penguin facts that they have milky-white bellies and dark coloured backs. This black and... Read More ->

Rhea Facts And Pictures

25 , Mar 2013

Rhea is the largest bird in the continent of America and belongs to 'ratites' i.e. group of flightless birds because the absence of breast bone which are connected with flying muscles in flying birds. However, Rhea is not closely resembles with other members present... Read More ->

Skylark Facts And Pictures

14 , Feb 2013

If you are the kind of person who finds little tiny birdies absolutely adorable then skylarks are definitely your type. Here you will be provided with important skylark information. This is a small bird that falls into the passerine bird category. These tiny English birds... Read More ->

Sparrow Facts And Pictures

23 , Feb 2013

Sparrow or home sparrow, a black grey chubby looking bird is widely distributed all around the world. This Britain's commonest bird is widely adored for its innocence and neatness. Owing to their small size and feeble bodies, these birds fall prey... Read More ->

What Do Doves Eat?

21 , Nov 2013

This post is aimed at providing precious information to all those who want to know, "what do doves eat". Doves are basically very friendly and humble natured creatures. This can be easily seen in their diet and life style. They are just crazy... Read More ->

What Do Hummingbirds Eat?

31 , Jan 2014

Hummingbirds are members of the Trochilidae family. There are more than three-hundred species, all of which comprise a group recognized as the smallest birds in the world. However, despite their small size and light weight, they are strong and extremely... Read More ->

What Do Hawks Eat?

18 , Mar 2014

Hawks are known as raptors predatory birds. Just like eagles, flacons and ospreys, they feed on small animals. They possess special traits which let them be successful in hunting and killing their prey. Further adaptations allow them... Read More ->

Whitethroat Facts And Pictures

14 , Feb 2013

Whitethroat bird is an ordinary and pervasive species of birds that is mostly found and procreates in Europe, Canada and West of Asia. When winter arrives these birds start migrating towards... Read More ->

Woodpeckers Bird Facts

09 , Jan 2014

Woodpeckers are better known as woody woodpeckers in children's as well as elders'world. There are other members as well in the family such as piculets, wrynecks, sapsuckers and members of the picidae family. Woodpeckers and all these birds can... Read More ->

List Of wild Birds And Facts

06 , Aug 2013

A small North American bird, it belongs to the finch family and is also known as Eastern Goldfinch. In the scientific system of naming organisms, it is termed as Carduelis tristis where the former part denotes genus and the latter is the name of species. Being a migratory... Read More ->

Yellow Hammer Facts And Pictures

14 , Feb 2013

Yellow hammer birds can be found heavily in open areas where there are lots of trees and bushes. These birds are 15 to 17 mm in length and can be easily seen in Europe especially in New Zealand and Asia. Also, these birds were termed as the most widespread... Read More ->

Birds can be defined as warm-blooded, flying creatures with wings and feathers. Apart from their wings which they flap while in flight, birds have special lightweight skeletons which contribute to their ability to fly. Did you know many of the bones in birds’ body are in fact hollow? They reproduce by laying eggs.

Fast Birds Facts:

  • Kiwi is the name of fruit as well as a flightless bird native to New Zealand.
  • The migratory birds undertaking long journeysfly in ‘v’ formation which reduces drag and minimizes the use of energy.
  • Some species of the birds are very intelligent as they have been observed using tools to complete tasks in the wild!
  • The birds like the swift, the grebe and the kingfisher cannot actually walk!
  • Did you know the birds walk on their toes, keeping their heels in the air?
  • A parrot can fly over 800 kilometers a day while looking for food!
  • There are over 350 species of parrots that exist across the planet today.
  • The flag of Dominica, a Caribbean island nation, features a parrot (the Sisserou parrot) which is native to the island.
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